MSC Divina Review Ch 21

Great Stirrup Cay Review

The A6000 does a much better job with the illustration mode, than the RX100 ever did.

Great Stirrup Cay

Great view of Great Stirrup Cay main beach area

It was not exactly a beach area as it was rather rocky, but I loved how private it was. I was in heaven!

Great Stirrup Cay

Here I am just chillaxing, lol


See the moon?

Great Stirrup Cay

That lady had the right idea, she had a full size umbrella.

I got myself a long island Ice tea and just enjoyed the ocean breeze and the tranquility

Great Stirrup Cay

It took maybe around one hour and then my family arrived. They have bought shirts, among other items. I decided to go cool down in the ocean. But there was a menace sea creature in the ocean in Great Stirrup Cay!!!

What was it?

And there were tons of them!

I had never been stung by one, but it was not in my plans to get stung that day. The funny thing is that while I was enjoying my drink, I heard several people yelling very loudly several times. I did not think much about it. My main concern when it comes to the ocean are sharks, and it was not likely to see one there (although not impossible).

I was so hot that I decided to still go in, how bad could it be? There were tons of people in the water.

Great Stirrup Cay

I did not want to risk it any longer and I retreated to place in heaven. My uncle had brought back a burger for us to share, but I was not hungry yet. I think he ate most of it. Most of the food in Great Stirrup Cay is BBQ style.

As you can see I emptied a bottle of sunblock on my legs, LoL.

This cruise really did have a lot of mishaps. This one was among the scariest ones! I was laying there enjoying myself when a gust of wind came and blew my umbrella away. In a rust to get it, by accident, I pulled my chain off and into the sand it went. I found the chain immediately, but I could not find the pendant.

First, let me tell you why this item was so important to me. To put it simply, it was the chain and pendant that my grandmother passed away with. So you can only imagine the importance of the matter. I looked for about 5 minutes and nothing. Finally, I found it, it was already well covered by sand, it is crazy how fast things get lost on the beach. If I had lost this item, I would have never forgiven myself for it. I gave it to my mom immediately after I found it.

So who does not love animals? The next sets are of my uncle feeding birds and fish in Great Stirrup Cay.

He was trying to hand feed them, but it was a no go.

Then he asked me to get some pictures of him feeding the fish. So we went out for a swim.


He had brought corn and Bread with him.


There was a good amount of small fish in the area, he was having a blast. I could not see a thing since we only had one set of snorkeling gear. I was just shooting blindly,

I forgot he also had corn, lol.


You can see more action on the beach. It was a really nice day!

We decided to head back to the beach. At that point something rubbed against my chest and it was burning like hell. But here is the thing I don’t think it was a jellyfish. I heard some people saying that those kind had no effect on humans, the effect also lasted for only a few minutes. I am not sure what it was, but it was not that uncomfortable anyway. I’ve heard jelly fish stings are very painful, and they last much longer.
That looks like fun, I wonder where they were heading to.

I decided to go get some food, I was staring to get a little hungry.Great Stirrup Cay

That’s the main Great Stirrup Cay bar, it can get really busy. I think they have 4 bartenders working the bar at all times.

Great Stirrup Cay

Great Stirrup Cay

That’s the dining area for the buffet.

Great Stirrup Cay

Great Stirrup Cay

We were located a short walk away from the buffet.

Great Stirrup Cay
There was a pretty long line to get food, but it went by fast 5 minutes or so.Great Stirrup Cay

Great Stirrup Cay Buffet

Just imagine the amount of meat that they go through on that day!The buffet was very basic, but everything was good.

I made myself a plate, and got some juice. Then I headed back towards our spot.

The burger was good, or maybe I was starving. I can only imagine that they are the exact same burgers as the ones on-board the ship.I got my mom some chicken and cuscus.My uncle had gone for more bread to give to the seagulls.

Aside from my uncle making our area their new congregation point, I have to say that there is an unusual mount of them in this island. Hey as long as they don’t poop on me I am fine with it He was trying to hand feed them, but it was a no go. They are too skittish to come near you.The really funny thing was that while he was feeding them, he left his plate unattended with his hot dog. Yup, you guessed it. One seagull came and took the entire hotdog, Lol. He had to go get another one.

My uncle and my aunt decided to head back to the ship. I think the main cause was the heat. It was a really overwhelmingly hot day. I decided to stay behind with mom and try the water one more time. What are the odds of getting stung by jellyfish twice?Like I said it was very hot. At first I was just getting the towel soaking wet and placing it over my legs.Mom was relaxing in the water. The ocean had a lovely temperature. My mom rarely goes into the ocean, it has to be a perfect temperature. Here in Florida she goes to the beach year around, but only goes in the water from mid June to September. I used to surf during the winter time, so I can tolerate slightly cooler water. Then again, I had a wetsuit to keep me warm, the water in January can get rather chilly.But the sodden towel got hot in a matter of minutes! So I decided to head into the water and keep my mom company.

I love this mug. It’s sealed so you can pretty much do anything with it.

I was pretty lit by then

That lady on the paddle board got out of her path and ended up near us. She tried getting the board out of the water near us. Needless to say that the board was way too heavy to carry by hand. So she decided to paddle back to the main activities beach.

I went to the bar once more to refill our drinks. The line was about 5 minutes.

Everyone enjoying their time in the water.

We relaxed by and chatted. Times like this are the ones that I cherish the most.

I am sure the seagulls were missing my uncle, lol.

Later on I wanted to walk a little further and get to explore the rest of the island a little more. I remember someone in my social media site asking me to get as many pictures as possible of Great Stirrup Cay.So we started walking towards the far end of the island.

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