MSC Divina Review Ch 7

After we ate, we went for a little walk around MSC Divina to attempt to burn some off the calories. First, we walked by the Steakhouse. We never ate there, but I did have a chance to get the menu. Everything is a la carte. To be completely honest with you, the restaurant is really bland looking. I obtain more pictures later on during the cruise.

Everyone who eats there claim that it is excellent!

After that we walked by the photo shop area, they actually had several cameras for sale. They added even more the next day on the cruise. I was puzzled by this. The same thing happened with my mom’s shoes, one day they did not have any, the next they restocked. No port in-between.

I was not familiar with a lot of models here. I think a lot are Euro versions. I checked on prices and they seem very similar to the ones found on Amazon. Not a bad deal, plus they are duty free.

You know me, I am a huge Sony fan!

We kept on walking just wandering around and talking. It was quiet on the lower decks. Everyone was on the Lido deck enjoying the sun.

That is the pizza you can purchase. Everyone claims they are considerably better than the one at the buffet. But the one at the buffet was just perfect for me. Out of our group I was the only one that ate pizza, they are not much of pizza fans.

This was the bar with the largest selection of beers. I think I get the list later on in the cruise.

Neat sculpture, I am just noticing the details on it now.

Like I told you I wish this area was all open. The best one I have ever seen was aboard the Disney Dream, it was so open!

As you can imagine my uncle did some silly/sexual posses with the lipstick. Well, in all honesty, he was not the only one, we took several pictures of him there

The staircase is truly incredible. You will find yourself looking at it continuously, no matter how many times you come across it.

MSC Divina stair case

And the 2-deck waterfall! I really like the use of LED lights on MSC Divina.

Here are just some of the sweets that are sold in the pastry store.

Those cannolis look exactly the same as the ones in the MDR…

I love Macaroons. I even did a 1-hour line in NY once just to get some of the famous ones. I do not know why I did not purchase any on this cruise. They looked very tasty.

My mom wanted one of the strawberry tarts. But when I told her I would buy one for her, she told me not to

Then we headed up to the Lido deck and took a stroll there.

Some folks waiting for gelato

MSC Divina pool  Lido Deck

As expected, it was busy up there, but no more than I have seen on other cruises.

MSC Divina Nutella kiosk

MSC Divina nutella spot

They had some live music there.

MSC Divina live music

And there is my uncle getting video and pictures. It was really funny, he got right in front of the stage and got video of them. I mean like 1 food away from the band, lol.

Ok friends, so this cruise had several mishaps. This one being the worst by far! I have never had a cruise with so many things (non-cruise related) go wrong. I guess it was due. Since every other cruise we have been very lucky and nothing big has gone wrong. If you remember, I already had an expensive filter crack on me, most likely due to mishandling.

This was a turning point to our cruise. As my uncle was taking pictures, the rest of us continued walking. My mom and aunt were walking in front of me and I was playing with the camera. It all happened very fast… As the we walked into the indoor pool area my mom slipped and landed pretty hard on her wrist. My immediate reaction was to wait. I have broken pretty much every bone in my body in the past, and from that I have learned to wait a little to see what is wrong with my body. Usually you have so much adrenaline pumping through your body that you don’t truly understand what just happened.

I knew for a fact that this was not a good thing, my mom has osteoporosis, and thus her bones are fragile. I stood by her and asked her what she felt. This situation frightened me more than anyone can imagine! The emotions going through me were many. I was pissed off as hell. At what? Not sure, maybe me for being a moron and caring more for my camera than her. Also at her for not being more careful. Fear at a major problem… It was a very frustrating moment. You can’t imagine. The one thing comforting me was that we had insurance.

About 3 minutes passed, I kept talking with her, while allowing her to relax a little on the ground. Some people were looking and others walked by, but no one approached us. It was then that an MSC crew member came and helped me raise my mom on her feet. I am not sure if would have let her sit there for a few more minutes or not, but either way once on her feet we went to the nearest table and sat down.


MSC FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom was walking slowly when she slipped. This material should not be used in this deck. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!! We have been on 7 cruises now and have never come across such a slippery surface. Just to prove what I said, sit in by jacuzzis, one day and look around!

I was going through a roller coaster of emotions… Mind you I am not a doctor, but I have my fair share of experience with broken bones. I could tell that there appeared to be no major fracture on her wrist, but that does not mean anything. What about fissures, tendons and such? The hand was not swollen, but mobility was limited.

It is very common for my family to hide things like this from others. I am not sure why, but I was worried that she was not telling the truth about the pain level.

We sat there for some time, and then agreed to keep on walking.

From then on, I kept a close eye on her and asked every 5 minutes if she was ok. She was not happy about me asking every few minutes about it. This event definitely affected the cruise, I was really pissed off, and the worst part is that I did not know to what or who to be pissed off at. I am extremely protective of my mom and I had failed at something so simple… I think mainly I infuriated at myself.

Anyway, we kept on walking around and we landed on the damn shopping area that they were looking for in the first place. If it was not for this shopping area, she would have never fallen in the first place. But you start thinking about destiny, what if there was nothing I could have done to prevent it?

Anyway, here are some of the MSC Divina sales  area

MSC Divina sales area

They had some good deals, but I suggest you wait until the last day if you want to purchase anything.

The worst part is that we were looking for those rolls of jewelry that you buy by the inch, and the freaking area was closed. Apparently they only open them for a few hours a day. Later on during the cruise my mom and my aunt made it while it was open, and the manager in charge was very rude to them. He basically told them that they could not afford it and move on, my uncle later went there to verify their story and he saw the guy being rude to multiple passengers and even yelling at several crew members. I think I will hate that kind of jewelry forever from now on.

Anyway, I vented and I will move on. But as you can tell this is a touchy subject and I am still dealing with it. She is now almost recovered and doing good, but it took all this time for her hand to improve.

So anyway, I kept on insisting that we’d go to the medical center and get it checked out. I saw some light swelling and I was worried. My mom did not want to go, but she agreed to go. Mind you we had insurance, but the deductible was $250 and everything had to be paid upfront. Later on we would have to make the claim to the insurance company.

MSC Divina medical center

When we got there we saw a few rooms and an officer, the officer was the doctor. He came to us and asked us what the problem was, I explained and then he said. “You should consider coming in a couple of hours, because right now is the crew hours and it will less expensive for you to come in a couple of hours”. I really did not understand the logic behind that statement. But who am I to argue with company policies. Peronally I think he was entrenched in a conversation with cute lady there, if you catch my drift. Then he said, let me look at it. He basically felt it and looked at it, he said I don’t think it’s anything major. Pretty much the same conclusion I came to upstairs. Maybe sore muscles or tendons, who knows. Either way, that kind of made me calmer and saved me a few hundreds dollars. He said we could go back, but we never did.

That said, my mom is still sore till this day. She went to the doctor here in Florida and he said the same thing. He suggested we save money and not shot the X-ray. Till now I am pissed off over this event, I think she should have gotten an x-ray. I also think that MSC should not have installed those floors. I also think that if I was not playing with my camera, I could have done something to avoid the event. Nonetheless, what is done is done. She claims to be better now, so I have to take her word for it.

A few pictures of the MSC Divina medical center.

MSC Divina medical center

MSC Divina medical center

We then decided to head upstairs and find something to put pressure on the wrist. Soon we figured out that a good way was to use the anti-nausea bracelets that I was not using. From now on, I will pack accordingly.

I also suggested we use my tie to create an arm holder for her . Needless to say that she did not use it.

Either way I don’t think I tied the correct way… The thing was putting pressure on all the wrong points . But at least we got a few good laughs at the time, I really needed them. I was still fuming at that point.

Mom also did not appreciate that I messed up my tie. I have been saving this tie for almost 5 years for the perfect occasion. I actually think this was the perfect occasion, she begged to differ.

We decided to check the candy store one more time, and then to go bowling. As you can assume mom had no plans on going bowling.


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