NCL Breakaway Dailies

Welcome to my NCL Breakaway Dailies facts info page. This is an amazing ship! NCL really did an amazing job at creating a vessel that would appeal at a very broad group of people. They have activities for all age groups and do a great job at dispersing the crowds around the ship so you can feel relaxed. However during our sailing our cruise was troubled with long lines for the main dining room restaurants (Manhattan Room, Taste and Savor), along with the long lines we encountered well below average costumer service. I would dare to say the worst of any cruise that I have been on, although in their defense from what I heard that has been improved. The Norwegian Breakaway has lots of different activities, including but not limited to rock climbing, an AMAZING ROPE COURSE, bungee jumping, mini golf, and great water slides. The norwegian is also the second cruise line to offer fire works on this ship and the Norwegian Getaway after Disney.

NCL Breakaway Dailies

Norwegian Breakaway Dailies Norwegian Breakaway Dailies NCL Breakaway Dailies dailies

One thing that I absolutely love about the NCL Breakaway is the amount of options that they have onboard to dine at. Granted I am not thrilled that most of them are extra charge… But still the variety is just incredible, to my knowledge no other line can compare to this. I usually like to eat fast and keep on moving, so options like the sushi bar, the noodle bar and the seafood bar are excellent venues for me. I ate in those venues several times. Carlo’s Bakery aboard breakaway is also great! Those lobster tails are simply delish, I wish I could eat one right now.

Breakaway restaurants

NCL Breakaway Dailies

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The one thing I was not crazy about was the entertainment, but then again that is never the main focus of my travels. But I think most people should be happy with it.

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