NCL Sky guide Ch 1

We live in Ft. Lauderdale so it was just a short drive I believe we got there at around 11:15am and before we knew it we were waiting to embark. Since we got there so early we had to wait in the waiting area for about 20 minutes with free drinks and a daily planner. Then we boarded it was very exciting (oh by the way I was traveling with my mom, I am 29 and she is 61 I think :-), lol) anyway first thing we did was go upstairs by the pool area and order a drink.

She ordered a strawberry daiquiri which in my opinion was virgin, but not according to the bartender and I ordered a long Island Ice tea, my drink was weak as hell. I recommend ordering martinis if you are a drinker like me. then we walked around and explored the ship. The grounds were very clean and the service was excellent. We then headed towards the buffet area and had a light lunch, the food had a variety of options to chose from, everything was pretty good, except for the burgers and the thai salad.

During this time we were taking pictures and taking advantage that Facebook was still affordable and emailing pictures to the family. Later on we realized that our cabin was ready so we headed there. We had an inside basic cabin and yes it was small, but it was very clean and well organized. The AC was excellent although the thermostat had no degrees numbers and it took some time to figure our preference. I did had one complain about the room, we had only one electricity outlet in the room and one in the bathroom. The one in the bathroom required the light of the bathroom to on to work. So yeah we slept with the bathroom light on in order to charge our gadgets for the next day. No, there was no light leaping into the room from the bathroom. but there was a little from the front door. So I just put a towel in the floor to block it.

Ok we then did the drill and headed to the back of the ship to leave port, took lots of pictures and had some more weak drinks. The back/ buffet area was not too crowded and it was perfect for a sail away environment. we then headed to the pool area which was PACKED and the jacussis that did not allowed children were packed with children. (go figure the best jacuzzi was the one in the front of the ship in the children area, head there and take it for yourself? lol) But it was fun watching all the drunk people make a fool of themselves, a nice party/ calm environment it was a light mix.

we then headed to the room to change and go to the MDR, that ight was Lobster night, so what did we eat? That’s right Lobster and it was very tasty. I highly recommend getting a bottle of wine instead of by the glass, their pours are 5oz at best. I am not sure if I coming like an alcoholic, but, well yes I like to drink and get the most for my money. Unfortunately I did not do my research prior this trip. One more thing with drinks, the martinis by the pool are watered down. The ones in the MDR are made for real drinkers!!!

After dinner we went to see the nightly show and it was an introductory show as well as a comedy act, it was fun but I did notice one thing. The comedian was spanish born ( I am colombian) but he was raised in England, he did made some spanish jokes that the main USA non spanish audience probably did not get. So maybe that might annoy some people, I did notice the couple next to use whispering to each other. But overall it was a lot of fun, Candy the cruise director did a great job, she is full of energy and a blast. I love her.

To finish our day we went to the jogging deck and enjoyed some moments of silence and serenity, some more pictures and we are off to bed. We did not party much that night, actually any night, we were all drained out by 11pm :-/.

By the way something to note is that the entire trip we sailed along The Majesty of the Seas, she was out traveling partner.

My salmon tartare Appetizer


Our server recommended the Key Lime pie and it was fabulous!


Ok moving on. I was lucky to remember about setting the alarm for 8am since there was no light to wake us up in the morning. We woke up early and ate breakfast at the buffet, I would recommend ordering the eggs from the gentleman making them in front of you, instead than getting them from the big bin in the buffet. There were so much better. Other than that the food at the buffet was great, I had so much to eat , soooo full.

Well then we headed down to the gangway, since we rented a Clamshell we did not need a ticket and we could board at any time. You can also get the fast embarkation with any other repurchased item I think, just verify when you get buy it. In any case there really did not seem much of a wait if you had a ticket.

Once we got to the island we headed to claim our clam shell. I CANNOT express enough no one should rent the clam shell ever. They are hot as hell and the view are horrible, they are packed all in lines and in front of each other. Just horrible, in addition to that they are set next to the slide, so a lot of children screaming and running. We ended up ditching the clam shell and looking for shelter under and palm.

The island lacks shade very, there a few palms or trees and they are all taken very fast. The palm that we claimed earlier soon became shelter for a family with a baby, we felt bad and spared half of the palm for the baby. He was so white and maybe a year old, so yeah we had no problem sharing. Here is my recommendation, go to and look for a clamp on umbrella they are $14 and they are GREAT. We take them everywhere and never again suffer about the shade situation.

The buffet once again had so much food and once again I way over ate. Think, ribs, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, fruit, lots of desserts, and well a lot more food.

As far as the island goes, yes she is still under contraction, but very hard to notice. I think most the work is being done to the far left of the island pass the buffet and the smaller beaches be the end. Over all it was a very peaceful and nice day. Good snorkeling, as guest services for best place to snorkel, I brought my own gear but still had to rent the vest $5.

Once thing to note is that near the beach area we did note a light smell of still standing water, but nothing to bad.

Seagulls fighting for food 



Water is so clear

blue water


Sky from the tender

ship in distance


Majesty of the seas from our beach.

magesti of the seas


The Clam shells by the water slide, all that section has clamshells ready be set. You can see they are packed so close to each other, no room for wind to move thorough and cool you down.


The palm tree we found shelter under.


Our ship from the clam shell area.


Some people paddle boarding on the other end of the beach.



As you can see its very densely planted, that is the DJ booth and the buffet area all the way at the end to the right.



Walking towards the Buffet.



Float rent area