Norwegian Escape Review Chapter 15

Like I said, Will was generous to pay for our ride up there =)

I got some pictures going up.

She is just gorgeous!!!

OMG look at all the rust on the cart.


My summer home was under remodel!

The ride there is quite quick, and I would like to say that it is safe. Although you just never know, all that salt exposure. I could not help but to look down at the possible disaster. And this is coming from someone who is used to snowboarding lifts all over the US.

And down we go! Love the purple color.

There are a few stores there, but most were deserted. I wonder how they even manage to stay open…

Mom went shopping for a few minutes, but nothing caught her eye.

That house even had a solar golf cart, how cool is that?

Then we got all the way down to the restaurant area.

We then met them all up there and found that Will had just proposed to Jillian, and we completely missed it all!

They gave me a picture to share here.

And she said yes, they are so cute together! Her ring was lovely as well. So clear! He did a great job at picking it out.

How cute is that? With the ship in the background and all.

While up there we took a picture, such great times! Mom tried to sneak in, but Ty cut her out

They all had a few share of drink already, so I went and got another round for those who wanted more. We only stayed there for a little longer and then we went down.

The only ship in port, makes for one amazing day!

One of my favorite ones!

I wonder who owns this? I guess a simple google search would answer that

We were having a blast!

Look at Ty! OMG he was too funny! I’ll tell you something, he is the kind of person that marks a vacation! So happy that both mom and I could sail with him.

On top of that we had one guy in our kart that was afraid of heights and he was sweating like a pig. It was too funny, but he was a total sport about it! Nice guy. His wife made him go on the ride

I have never seen someone sweat so much while standing still. His shirt was drenched!

This vacation is possibly the one with the most memorable moments ever!

Once down mom and I were going to head towards the ship, it was actually around 2:30pm. But someone in our group invited us to eat at Glady’s cafe, which apparently it is quite famous. Mom and I were full, but we really did not want to say no to their invitation. I told mom we could share something, and have some fun while at it.

So we took a bus from paradise point to Glady’s. After that we walked a little to get there.

Check out the cops boat!

A bit dated? Yet she looks like a queen! Beautiful yacht!

We were just following everyone.

The restaurant is in a back alley, and it is really quite nice.

When we walked into Gladys, she knew some in our group and we were immediately sat in a really nice table. Both mom and I were loving every second of it. This was a real treat for us. Just hanging out with a great group of people and celebrating such a momentous occasion.

Here is the menu.

Look at the special salad on the blue paper, that’s what we got.

She also sells her sauces. I loved the mango one!

I got a long island. Although I still had not finished my other long island, in the background.

Bushwacker or whatever it is called. I called the sweet wuzzy drinks, right Ty? Muahahahaah

The one in the background was their mango special drink which was apparently quite good!

They got some chips, that I was too full to try. Mom said they were excellent. In all reality I just saw her eating the guacamole, LoL. Avocado is my mom’s addiction!

Of course mom had to spill her coke in front of everyone!

She blamed it on the uneven table

Although I actually think she was right, but you know… I just had to make fun of it

Just a bit of an embarrassing moment for her, but you know, it is not a Gambee review unless mom spills something. Although this time she scored the win!

Even Jillian is giving her a thumbs up!

Mom and I shared the chicken salad. Let me tell you something, that Avocado! OMG, it was so good! It is my understanding that they grow their own produce? Anyway, that salad was to die for. And this is coming from someone who was stuffed to death!

A lot of us got that salad. It looks like tuna, but it was actually chicken.

Ty got the wings.

These are their conch fritters, and they are apperently quite famous for them.

Let me tell you how full I was. I could not even try them! They just sat there and eventually they just left the table.

Someone else gave me an extra beer they had in their bag left from the beach.

It was getting quite late, I want to say around 5pm. This is the closest to the ship departure that I have ever stayed out too. Mom was growing a little anxious. But we all got ready and left.

By the way, the gentleman who paid for everything also arranged for each of us to get 1 of Glady’s sauces, which by the way were amazing! Mom and I were grateful beyond believe! Nice fellow

The next thing we know we jump into a party bus, everyone was singing and dancing! We had an absolute blast on the way back to the ship!

He had the music super loud, and whenever the bus came to a stop, we would pump the brakes and start singing. When I say it was loud, it was ridiculous! This was the bus that everyone looks at and says “Bunch of drunk annoying people ”. And yes, we were loving every second of it!!!!

I tried getting some pics, but between him pumping the brakes and me singing horribly without even knowing the lyrics…. This is the best I could get.

I still had my beer.

We were loving it!!

A school bus stopped by and we were so incredibly loud waving at them. Funny thing is that none of the even looked at us. I guess they are used to this kind of shenanigans from annoying tourists

Just having a great time!

We made it alive!

Bye, bye party bus!

I will tell you one thing, that guy made a killing that day with us. Well, at least he did with mom and me. Then again, he was an absolute blast. He knew how to play his card very well.

If you’re planning on booking a private tour, do it with him!

Just look at that ship!

Everyone else went back on board, I stayed behind to get a few pics of the ship

Not the best smile, but it will have to do =)

And these guys

I think I actually like this guy the most! He seemed to have the most character out of all of them.


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