Norwegian Escape Review Chapter 2

We were pretty hungry by then, but I wanted to get all my work done quickly. So we went down to deck 5 to check out the kids’ area. Unfortunately, I don’t have any second hand information about the area as I did not speak to any parents about it. That said the area was really nice.

Here are the kids and teens activities papers.


This is the hallway. By the way I also heard that the family rooms on deck 5 are really nice and spacious. One of the cabin stewards said they could 5 comfortably.



That prism was really cool!

The entire area was really nice and large. There is actually a lot more, but there were several parents there with their kids.

Just one thing to note is that this area has no windows, or at least none that I could see. However, the teen area does on deck 17.

We then decided to head to lunch. We discussed it and thought that the MDR was our best chance at avoiding the crowds.

And right we were, there was absolutely no wait whatsoever!


They gave us a nice table by the window, unfortunately the view was not that good. Oh well.

Something a bit annoying is that for Vibe they give you an additional key card, so you have two cards to keep and eye on. Not to mention the bracelet that you have to wear during the cruise.

Service was excellent, fast, efficient and friendly. If this was a sign of the entire cruise, then I knew it would be a great one.

Popcorn shrimp, very tasty. Of course mom ate most of mine, because in all her wisdom she decided to get a soup as she usually does

Her soup was good, but it was a soup, lol.

Making use of our drink package with the first drinks of the cruise.

My long island.

Mom’s mojito.

We both got fish and chips, which were excellent!

As you can see mom was already on her second mojito. Again, service was unlike anything I have experienced on NCL, it rivaled Disney! Maybe even better!

For dessert I got the key lime pie?

It was good, but in all honesty, I don’t do desserts on ships. Maybe that is how I stay stable. All my desserts come in liquid form

Mom’s fruits.

After eating lunch we decided to go to the room, I think it was around 2pm. This was one of the most exciting event of this cruise. As I told you mom had no clue about the balcony room. So this was my plan. I figured I take her to an inside room and attempt to open it, once that failed, I told her that we should go get our cards fixed. On the way to get our cards fix I would stop at a “random” room and tell her to open it. That room would open and that would be the surprise.

My plan worked too well. I told her I was taking pictures to get her reaction of the room, since that was our first inside since our first cruise.

Here she is trying to open the inside room.

We tried both cards. But nothing. Good thing there was no one inside there, otherwise I would have a fun time explaining why I was trying to get into their room

Then we left, and I told her to open the “random” room.

The funny thing is that she was refusing to open the balcony room, because there might be people inside. I insisted and then she went for it.

She loved it! Of course, she spent the next hour calling half of Colombia telling them about her balcony. You know that Colombian way, brag away mom, you deserve it

The room was noticeably smaller than the one in the Oasis room. But it was a nice layout with enough storage for both of us.

The safe was also smaller.

The AC has a punch! At night we kept it in the middle. Ohhhhhhh, I slept with the balcony door open all the nights, and it was amazing. The ocean right by my ear!

The bathroom was nice, but just be careful with that little ledge going in. Let’s just said that a drunk Gambee almost knocked himself out on one night, it is very dangerous.

There are no electric outlets in the bathroom.

The shower was good, but not great. Although much better than the one at home.

Never used to coffee maker.

Plenty of outlets.

Average size for a ship tv

The same remote as on the Oasis.

This is the Vibe bracelet.

Oh, I forgot our bag was there already.

First time I see this.

After being in the room for a little we decided to go check out Vibe and the lido deck. By the way the elevators on embarkation/debarkation/peak port times are a real mess. I think you stand a better chance at rolling down the stairs. And with the unlimited beverage package, that might not be that hard.

They are just very busy, but other than that they were good.

Also a note about the ship temperature, it is not exactly hot or cool, but I think for caribbean ship it is a little on the warm side. Maybe 78 degrees?

They had that area fenced because they were fueling.

This is the area right in front of Vibe.

And the bar in that area.

This is Vibe. I only have a few pictures right now, but trust me, I will post lots more later on. My first impressions were not great. I got there and the bar had a group of very drunk 21yo’s and they were loud as hell. I was a bit worried about that. Little did I know that I would be part of a very loud group later on

Anyway, the area is very nice, with a mist shower, a jacuzzi, padded and towel covered loungers, umbrellas, a bar, bathrooms. And little did I know what makes Vibe special is the service. More on that later.

This is the mist area,

Sporting new kicks, which by the way injure me…

Mom in her favorite pastime, LoL

We only stayed there for a few minutes, on day 1 I am always on the move. After that we went all the way up to the sun deck. This is the area where you will most likely find space if all else fails. I believe this was a topless deck on Breakaway, but I saw no one topless on Escape.

There is a very nice view from there.


After that I was very hot, and I wanted a beer. I also remember that my stomach was a bit sore and usually beers are the best kind of drinks at that time. I am usually not a beer drinker, they make me bloated. So we went down to deck 8 to the District Brew House. By the way I LOVE THIS VENUE!!!!!!!

They have like 80 beers, something like that.

By the way, that food is from food republic, which by the way is AWESOME!!!!!

That venue is always quite busy, it is possibly because it is so enjoyable.


This ended up being my beer of choice, Little sumping’ sumping’ Soooooo good and I think it had something around 7.5%.

By the way on day 1 you pay for taxes on your drinks of the drink package. The way the package works is that they swipe the card and don’t give you a receipt or anything. I never had an issue with erroneous charges or anything. Although at times the Iconsierge app would show bad info, but if you check on the TV system all is good. Since there were no receipts, we carried dollars to tip them extra.

Service at the bars was excellent, the most we ever waited was about 5 minutes. The crew in general was exceptional, I still wonder if I was on the ship as all the people that complained before.

And guess who was out of battery on her phone

After that we started heading to 5 o’clock bar to meet up with our little group. And I was nervous as $#%^#%, LoL.

Ok, lets see. Most of you know my shy personality. It is rare that integrate myself into cruising groups. I would like to say that “Byron” and “Suzette” blackmailed me, but the truth is that this group made my cruise an amazing vacation! Most of them had that same deep dark sense of humor, and I immediately saw myself reflected in them. At that time I was still shy, and just introducing ourselves. I think total it was 10 of us. I took no pictures then, but I knew that this was one fun group.

We stayed there for a little under an hour until I felt the group. Mom was busy on her phone. They already had a few drinks, and I was feeling like a few more drinks. Unfortunately, by the time I left to look for a drink, they had closed all the bars for muster. So we went to look for our Murter station.

The ship is truly stunning. NCL my hat goes off to you, you’re slowly but surely creating a winning product!



Our Muster was in Taste or Sabor, I can’t remember. It was useless as usual, no screens to look at or anything. It lasted 30 minutes or so.

I played the original Mario Kart 64 throughout Muster, not proud of it, but I was bored as hell. The funny thing is that mom told me that the father and son behind me never took their eyes off my game. I guess it was at least 3 us not getting any information across. She wanted to take a picture of them, but it was too obvious. The funny thing is that I had that feeling that I was being watched. And I was playing horribly, what and embarrassment

OMG! Do you want to see scary crowds? Go on the Escape and experience the moment after Muster drill. It was truly scary, all I could think was how it would be the rest of the week.

I made a dash for the Brew House.

Thank God we made it without being trampled!

OMG the crew!!! Listen, all of you have heard my dislike for Del Rio. However, he has done something exceptional here. The crew is motivated beyond believe! They actually told me of contests, and raffles that they have.

I hated this beer, I am not sure why I got it. High alcohol content?? I did drink it all, but eeewww. It tasted like this nasty drink from Colombia called Pony Malta….

Sex on the beach for mom. The drink!!!! Ok!


We enjoyed ourselves out there for a little while on the waterfront, which in my opinion is one of the best areas of the ship and the least utilized. Results? No crowds!


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