Norwegian Escape Review Chapter 20

And here is the bacon wrapped lamb. They were quite interesting, but enjoyable.

And yes, I ate the shrimp head .

The sauce was really good.

The loser of the night was the shrimp and clams ceviche, it was actually quite bad, and watery.

And then this happened… I think it was the ceviche on top of it.

Service again was excellent, nothing to complain here.

Here was the bill for that night.

After that we stopped by the mojito bar.


The pinchos bar was a little busier.

That is Bayamo

I think it was the passion spicy mojito. It was pretty good, and not as spicy as the jalapeño one.

Then we went to get some dessert.

We walked by bistro on the way there.

They had a fun family game show in the atrium.


We shared one. Mom said she did not want any, but as soon as I had it in my hand she asked for some

It was quite nice.

We sat there and enjoyed the rest of the event.

We looked at was going on, and decided to go to Howl at the Moon.

WE stayed there for a little while, it was quite fun and entertaining.

Then we walked around a little.

We never got around bowling.

After that left to check the comedy show at the main Theater. It was so funny! Both mom and I really enjoyed it, and that says a lot. Especially considering that we were standing the entire show. We got there a little late and all the seats were taken.


After the show was over I wanted to check the area by the lifeboats. Is that even considered the promenade any more?


Then mom went her own way, I think she went back to the room. I met up with the group, they had just enjoyed their dinner at cagneys. But they looked like they were done, I guess that is what a large piece of steak will do to you.

We sat there and enjoyed ourselves for a little while.

But slowly one by one, I started losing them. I don’t blame them, they were drinking since the morning on their shore excursion. I started drinking much later, after sail away.

Eventually they all called it quits, and I went for a little walk. I wanted to see the parties around the ship.

This is the one on the Skyline bar. It was happening!

And H2O was really busy, much more than the night we were there. Everyone seemed to be having a great time!

They also have a mobile bar by the entrance.

These are heading back to the room.


By the time I made it back to the room it was around 12:30, not too bad.

The Vibe crew had sent us a little something

These ones were all excellent!

I forgot to mention that night they had a party for the crew on the Manhattan room for clearing the Miami inspection. Several crew members told me that NCL now has several incentives for them. They claim that it works wonders to motivate the crew, and I will tell you it truly shows.

Another great day aboard the Norwegian Escape. At this point of the cruise I was having a really hard time thinking that the cruise was almost over. We were having such a great time! There are really a lot of things to do at night on this ship!

Day 5, End.

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