Oasis of the Seas Chapter 32

After that we went to the Boardwalk for a little while. Ironically, we stayed so close to that area for so long, yet we failed to go there.

Mom having a blast! Ain’t she the cutest?

We decided to go to the room for a little while before our “Come Fly Me” show would start.

I took some pics on the way there. As if I never went more than 5 minutes without taking pics.

We got to the room and we saw a swan? And our 10 Compasses, LoL. You have to love your room stewardess, I have never had a bad experience with them. Such hard working people. I do have to say, Ika was possibly my favorite ever!

I relaxed for a little while.

On the balcony we saw an amazing skyline!

We spent some time there and then left for our show.

We had our favorite spot!

I will come out and say it. Come fly with me, is the best show that I have seen on a cruise ship. I am not entirely sure what it was, but they dragged my soul into this emotional act of sounds and visual effects, that it is hard to explain. I really don’t know how to put it. All I will say is that whatever they missed on the water show and cats, they made up on this one. And then some.

At this point I was really struggling to decide whether Lady O or Lady Allure was my favorite.

At one point my mom said that she smelled popcorn and she would love some. So I set out to go and try to find her some. (I know the pic is blurry, but I was not allowed to shoot flash in there)

I found the stand, but there was no one there, so I went into the Promenade to to see if I find some there.

After a failed attempt, I decided to go back. Once inside the theater, I saw the lady in the popcorn stand. The popcorn came up to $2.95. Plus an extra tip, of course, but then again, you already know me.

They also offered drinks there.

I missed a little of the show, but not much. But it did not matter, mom had her popcorn, and that was all that mattered.

I will comment a little further on the show. The male singer was not the best, I guess his voice had a few misses. On the other hand the female singer was to die for! The show also had great music and dancers. This is really a top quality show!

One of my favorite acts.

We enjoyed our time on that show. But it still puzzles me why people book some cruises for specific shows. I will admit that the only show that I would consider booking a specific cruise for would be “The book of Mormon”. I hope I am not offending anyone, but that show is to die for! Well, that and maybe an adaptation of the movie The Producers. If a ship had those two plays, I don’t care what ship it is, I am going and never leaving that theater

Then we went back to the room to get some money for the casino, but once I got to the room I completely collapsed. I was worn out… The worst part is that I really wanted to go to quest, but it started at 11:30. Actually, I noticed that a lot of the activities that I wanted to do started quite late, and since I wake up so early, I am completely out by 10:30. I am kind of glad that someone mentioned the Drew runs lousy Quest games. But I would still would have loved to experience it.

I will also mention that most people use the starboard elevators. I said this on my Allure review, and I will say it again. Go to the Port ones, and most of the time your waits will be much less.

Something else just came to mind. I guess mom was curious over the gay fellow who went overboard a few months back. I won’t go into details, but it was quite a shocking event. Anyway, mom inquired with a few of the crew about it, and they all claimed to be on vacation and knew nothing about it. While I don’t put it pass them, I am also quite certain that RCCL must have rules about discussing these events with the passengers. I am not even sure why mom asked, we already knew everything about it. That is also the reason why I did not want to be port aft when I booked the room. I wanted to be far away from where this event happened.

Anyway, we got to the room and I was out. I don’t recall if mom left the room or not. But I am sure I went to bed quite quickly.

Day 8, End.


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