Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 15

The guy there got his wife to take a picture of him as if he was getting arrested. .

The cop was there for a traffic accident that blocked the entire road. The roads there are so narrow.

I just love the architecture there.

We were only lost for a little while. It is actually quite easy to get around San Juan. Even without navigation

We found our church and went inside.

It was so hot in there, I can only imagine how it is while a service is going.

We thought about going to San Felipe, but since we had already been there we decided to skip it. We were actually really close to the castle by then. Maybe 10 more minutes walking.

So instead we went to the bird park.

See the guy giving water to his iguanas?

The one on his arm had an injury in his tail and was bleeding =/

It was a really nice spot to get pictures of Oasis.

There is also a little chapel up there as well.

The bird park is right next to it.

It was really nice up there, with great views and all.

Mom was really intrigued by these trees that was sprouting flowers. No one knew what kind of tree it was, and until now she does not know. Any help?

It is not like it matters, lol. But I guess curiosity killed the cat.

We were a little hungry, so we started walking towards The Parrot Club. A restaurant suggested to us by Chris.

On the way there mom saw a store that might have the items she wanted. As for me, can you believe that there is not one camera store in old San Juan… How is that possible!?

We went into the store, and mom started browsing.

Unique earrings.

I told mom to take her time. I found a bench towards the back, near the AC duct. So I was a happy camper. Mom took about 20 minutes or so, she was just browsing around looking for the ones she liked best. She ended buying 4 nativity scenes, I think the total came close to $50.

They had really neat art.

With mom happy, we left. The Parrot Club was just a short walk away, and Ironically the restaurant was next door to the restaurant that we ate at last time we were in San Juan.

I have to say, thank you Chris for recommending this place. Great food, and service. We are definitely coming back here.

This was arguably the best food we had during the entire vacation. Sure, I had great meals on the ship, but the food here had all the right spices.

It was pretty quiet then, but it got busy quickly.

They gave us a free drink to taste their specialty. It was quite good, but I will tell you something, that thing was virgin! I would need 8 of the full size ones to get anywhere, lol.

The food was amazing as previously stated, and the portions are huge.

Coconut shrimp appetizer. I am not sure why, there is no science to them. But they were just mouthwatering!

Plantain with everything on top. Yum, Yum, YUm!!!

And the churrasco empanadas. I thought that mom was going to dislike them because they had cheese. We could not get enough of them! And this is coming from a Colombian guy, I eat empanandas on a daily basis.

We ate almost everything, we were stuffed. And off we went, the idea was to go to San Cristobal castle. Which is by the way, about 7 minutes from that restaurant.

There you can see it.

As we were walking up, mom goes to me “I have not taken my blood pressure medicine since the cruise started!” Are you kidding me? And here we are walking uphill in this heat! She claimed that she was feeling fine, but her telling me that, means that she had to remember somehow. My guess is that she felt dizzy or something. I don’t blame her for forgetting, after all we were on vacation. But it sure scared the crap out of me.

San Cristobal plans were scrapped and back to the ship we went. The castle would close in about 1 hour, so we would not have enough time to make it back. Its ok, there will be a next time for the castle.

Walking back to the ship to get mom her meds.

Before getting back on the ship I tried to get an even bow shot for Emmy. But the issue was that the security building was dead in the middle. I tried my best, but it was not an exact shot.

Security was, wait wait wait, what security? For real, just two people there briefly checking for ship cards. I guess we scanned later on in the ship.

I was telling mom how those metal things on the ropes are to stop the rodents from climbing into the ships. Although I forgot where I saw that, definitely a movie.

Back on board I got the bar list of the champagne bar. LoL, finally! I guess I was wrong, I thought it was on day 7 or something.

Back in our room mom took her medicine and we relaxed a little on our balcony.

A shore excursion leaving.

I wanted to get some shots of Oasis at night so we got off the ship once more. Just before leaving our room, my mom somehow managed to lock herself in the bathroom. I was just dying out of laughter outside, I know, Karma will not play on my side. Apperently she was pushing instead of pulling, .

She will kill me for posting that, but hey, at least I am not posting the picture of her chugging the wine from the bottle . I have never ever in my life seen her doing that before, then again, I might have pressured it into doing so, LoL.

Before that I stopped at the Globe and Atlas pub and got the drink list.

It is actually a newspaper.

Pretty neat shot.

It was packed with locals! They were all out getting pics of Oasis and loading them on social media. It was a really exciting moment to live.

I was also able to get a better shot for Emmy. Still not perfect though, that building made it impossible.

Such a powerful moment to live, again. We are so grateful to have lived that. There was so much energy on the streets.

Although it was kind sad hearing all the kids asking the parents if they were going on the ship.

They had opened the roads once again.

We went into Walgreens to buy a nail file and laundry soap.