Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 18

There was a mega yacht anchored there. Need I say how I feel about them?

Mom went to rent our lounges and I took pics of the menus. Since I took care of the major cruise expenses, mom offered to help with the port costs. We do our ports on the cheap side, so I appreciated her help =)

Like I said, not the best situation. Make sure you have some young ones to do your hard work.

This is where you get the lounges from.

It is actually a really nice beach, just poorly managed. Well, in my opinion.

We ended up about 10 feet from where they rent them. I did not feel like dragging them all over the beach, and they had good shade for mom there.

One day Gambee. Never give up on your dreams!

It was a nice place, albeit a little loud and busy.

Or maybe that one?

It got busier as the morning evolved.

I was taking color =)

We both napped and relaxed. I could tell mom was getting anxious without internet.

Mom got us some food at some point. We shared some fries, a coke, and a gyro.

The food was pretty good, we ate it all.

She also got me a bushwacker, while tasty, it had zero booze on it. It was almost like a milkshake.

This lady was going around selling drinks and whatnot.

I asked mom why she forgot my snorkel, LoL. She just gave me that look. Whenever I forget something, I simply blame it on her. How could I not? It is much easier than taking responsibility

After eating I left for a little walk, I wish I had the gopro here. I really dislike walking with expensive equipment around the shore with kids splashing and playing around.

They rent all the toys there.

I walked all the way down to the end of the beach. It was really nice there. I think if I was to come back, I go there and bring my own umbrella. My only worry is mom walking that much.


Isn’t it just gorgeous.

Everyone there said that snorkeling was fabulous! Once again, shame on mom for leaving the snorkeling equipment on the ship, LoL.

Oh well, there will always be another time.

The water was actually nice and tepid there.

What a lovely area!


Heading back.

And yes, she was wearing a shower cap, LoL, Karma, I know, I Know. Is anyone keeping track of my negative Karma?

These guys had the right idea, no need to rent any loungers.

We stayed there a little longer. We noticed a few people had brought the sealed sandwiches from the park cafe, and the cup of fruits. A really good way of saving money. After that we decided to return our loungers, and head back to the ship.

Here are the bar prices.

And this is the store in which you rent everything, it is right next to the restaurant.

Good luck getting food at that time.

The rental prices.

When we got there the open bus was leaving, and then came a minivan.

This was really funny, and a great lesson for her children. There was a couple, her husband sat in the passenger seat and she took the first row of the van with the kids. She then tried closing the AC vents, but she kept pressing it hard. The van owner told her to stop pressing them because she was going to break them, he said someone had broken the ones in the back. Next thing you know she got super defensive and goes “Do you know what car I drive? A Mercedes Benz!”, he responded, “I don’t care what car you drive, just don’t break my bus”. It was really funny because meanwhile her husband is sitting quietly in the front, lol. Now I am not sure how exactly a Mercedes Benz relates to AC vents, maybe they invented AC vents? LoL. That lady was on fire, so funny.

There she is fighting with the driver. At one point I thought she was going to get off the van. Not sure why she did not.

And here she is telling her daughter “Always make sure people know what car you drive, that is why you have to upgrade to a Bentley!” LoL. That part I made up. She had calm down by then.

Once full, we left.


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