Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 19

The driver made a quick stop for us to take some pictures. From inside the van of course.

It was $10 each way per person, plus the $5 per person to enter the park. $50 total. Well, more with food and rentals.

That guy was SOOOO TALL!!! He went into a store and the lady promised him he had a shirt for him, she asked if 3x would work, Nope maybe more he said.

Really? When is tomorrow?

Mom went shopping for a little while, but she did not purchase anything.

Free rum samples? Where? How come there is no one here?

There is a nice water stand there. Both mom and I had a drink there. I do admit, I miss NCLs’ party when you board the ship.

We went to the room to shower and change.

I’ve this yacht before, I think it was in a magazine.

Is everyone seeing this? 2 magnificent sailboats!!! But just wait until St. Maarten when Gambee lands on Sail Yacht Haven!

These people got really lucky! By the way I heard from word of mouth that we left 7 people in St. Thomas, I guess they were late.

It was soon time to sail away, so we went to our favorite spot for such activity. Guess where? Mauhahahaha.

It was a really nice sail away, lots of action in the water and on the air. Mom and I were enjoying ourselves, and I was very optimistic that our problem with our neighbors was resolved. Although, I have to say, in a way I felt uncomfortable. I mean, they would stop smoking, but I would have to deal with them for the rest of the cruise. She was just not a nice person, and we did share the same hours on the balcony.

I am sure everyone knows how much time I tend to spend on balconies. It is just my private space away from the world =)

We noticed a yacht parked by the coast

And a sail boat.

And then this guy showed up!!! How cool is this?!?!

There must of been 5 yachts there?

That was a very cool carrier.

Back to the room we went, for a change of clothes before dinner. When walking around deck 5 keep in mind that this is the runners track, try to stay out of their way =)

Back in the balcony.

Bye bye St Thomas, until next month

Our neighbors were there and they lit another cigarette. Mom called Juan, and a few minutes later we heard security in their room. Of course they did not catch them smoking, but we were pretty hungry and did not feel like dealing with that then. So we got ready and left.

Monday? Which day is that?