Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 3

Once the muster was done with, mom and I made a dash to our selected sail away spot. It was actually the same spot that we had on the Allure of the Seas. Aft port side on the running track deck. I love that spot, you’re able to see everything in close proximity.

Once we got there, we got perfect spots. And even better they came free pizzas. I know, I know, mom did not care for the joke either.

I heard loud music on the Aqua theater, so I went to check it out for a second. It was a short water fountain show.

Can you blame me?

And there she goes.

The weather, OMG, that weather!!! God was on our side =)

And we were ready to be as loud as we could possibly be.

And here we go!

There were some elderly ladies next to us, so I informed them that it was about to get very loud with us. The last thing that I wanted was to scare them, and or give them a heart attack. Like my anatomy teacher said, if you see a slow driver in Florida, don’t honk the horn, just pass them and flip them the bird (I kid you not), it might be an elderly folk and you might cause a big accident.

They were actually soooooo sweet, I loved them. And they were so excited about the horns and seeing everyone waving at us. I am glad I was able to give them that.

It is the little things in life that make it worth being here. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I plan on going into geriatrics, they are a forgotten segment of the population, and I plan to make a difference with what little time I have here.

It was a great sail away, with lots of action on and off the water.

I know, I know, a yacht, I am trying to contain myself.

There she is waiting for us to leave.

Shrek just happened to stroll by. I mean, really! Is that Shrek, like for real!!!! How is that possible, here on the ship?

Like I said, they were soooooo sweet. I regret not getting a pic with them :-/

First the Canadian flag! And later she was waving the US flag!

Horns away!

So long =)

Shame that I did have my Tele lens with me.

Mom’s hand got in the way . That is my grannie’s emerald ring =)

I love that pic!

Goodbye Fort Lauderdale! See you in 9 days!!!!!

It was really a very emotional time there, we had waited a long time for this cruise. It represented much more than a vacation, it was a victory and a celebration of life and what’s to come.

Just look at that view!

We enjoyed our time there, and actually stayed there for a little while. Just thinking about life, and chatting a little with our neighboring ladies

We headed up to the room, to change and relax before dinner. We really had no plans for that night, and I am sure many of you know my carefree attitude when it comes to dining. That is sorta why I like the freestyle on NCL. I make plans last minute and hate planning for them.In the room we got to meet our AMAZING neighbors. The story will develop slowly with this topic, but let it be said that they had quite an impact on our cruise. It was a family of 3, the father was a bit older than the mom, and their young daughter. I am guessing he was the stepfather, but not sure. One thing if for sure, he way over paid for that cruise. He booked 2 weeks before the cruise, and he kept trying to get my figure of how much I paid. He also complained that he wanted a land vacation, but she wanted a cruise. Oh, how I wish he had taken that land vacation instead…

Anyway, here is the queen of cabin 666. Even the cabin number matched them, lol .

Feel free to smack her on the head, you have my permission. I actually wish I had my GoPro stick so that I could smack her with it!

We relaxed for a little while.

This is one of my favorite times of any cruise, just relaxing on sail away day and watching the sun set on the horizon.

Our room had a fantastic view.

Please note the second 2 items on that list.

We also noticed that the AC was not working at its best. Both mom and I like a little warm, and it was way too warm even for us. We made note to tell Putu for them to fix it, but they never really got it working properly. I few other rooms around ours complained about the room temperature as well. Not sure if this is a lower deck issue, but it sure seemed like it.

I changed the lens, and we were on our way.

We left the room and checked out the MDR menu, but nothing really called our names. Plus, we felt like eating outside.

I loved these new interactive screens with the weekly menus.

So out we went to the Boardwalk to eat in Sabor!

Can you believe that in 9 days I never made it there =/

We were sat immediately, and given our menus. I had studied the menu online, and I was sad to find that they no longer offered the duck tacos.

I think they also increased the price of the guacamole.

They give you nachos, with some salsa. Too spicy for mom’s taste.

Mom ordered a coke.

We ordered the guacamole that they make next to the table. They bring over a little cart and make it for you. You get to chose what you want on it, by that I mean spicy. By the way the avocado peeler that they sell costs $16, it looks really efficient.

The guacamole was really good, I think it was mom’s favorite part of the dinner that night. And yes, she ate most of it. It’s ok, if she was happy, I was happy =)

At some point came my jalapeño margarita, it was not bad, but it wasn’t great either. It tasted a bit too artificial to me. And no signs of jalapeños in it, and almost no spice either. I usually dislike spicy food, but I have a soft heart for jalapenos, and specially drinks made with them.

We both got the pulled ribs tacos, mine with cheese and mom’s without. I really wanted the raw tuna one, but I did not feel like dealing with my allergy. Truth be told, I am almost sure I outgrew my allergy about a month ago. I’ve been slowly testing with raw fish, and I have yet to react to any fish in this past month. However, it is still fresh and epinephrin shots expired. So the only allergy medicine that I had was claritin, and even if I reacted a little it would be enough to send me to the room for the rest of the night. Maybe in the future when I am more certain that I won’t react.

Anyway, here are our make your own tacos. You can also get them with hard shells.

They were good, but not amazing. I am used to this little authentic place near my house and compare every taco I eat to those. But we enjoyed them. Well, mom enjoyed the nachos and the guac, I enjoyed the rest.

Fiona made an appearance. My God, Dreamworks was invading this Ship!!!! Next thing I knew there would be a dragon blowing fire on us

It was nice and slow that night.

Dinner was quick, service was good, but nothing remarkable. I am not sure why, but the bill came split in two. The drink bill and the food bill .

Food prices are very reasonable, and yes, it was enough food. Good thing I did not order the quesadilla. I just noticed that they did not charge the service charge on the food. Oh Oh, good thing I tipped more, but had I known I would tipped more. I will have to check my other specialty dinner receipts. Although they charged tax, and we were pretty far out already,

As we left Sabor, we noticed that they had one of the Aqua shows starting. We had reservations for that show, but later in the evening. I told mom to give it a try and maybe we would get a seat. We actually ended up with really good seats. Just FYI people with reservations, get to go in at any time before the show. 10 minutes prior the show starts it opens up for everyone, and there is usually a line of people in standby waiting. Mom and I just walked in, since it was just a few minutes away from starting.

There was an employee next to us and his job was to look out for people filming the show. He had no shoes on, and he would run and tell them to stop recording. He had a great eye for that. You can take stills as long as you don’t shoot with flash.

The show was….. Mehhhh, well not really it was ok, but the one on the Allure is SOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! I guess I was expecting a similar show, this was a little boring. As a matter of fact, mom asked me to leave, that rarely happens. Mom loves shows, she said she was bored, and that it had nothing on the Allure show.

We went back to the room, for whatever reason. I got a picture form the balcony.

Putu had forgotten to make mom, her towel animal, so I made her on with the pajamas. I have no clue what it is, guess if you will . My cynicism at its most, lol.