Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 9

Day 3

The night before we ordered room service for breakfast. The thing I don’t like about this is that now you’re tied to an hour that you have to wake up to open the door for the room service. We decided from 7am to 7:30am, since the ship docked at 8am and we wanted to make the most of the day. The thing is that I actually wanted to sleep in a little that day, but that was a no go since we were waiting for our breakfast.

At around 7am we got a call from room service and they told us that our food was on the way. We already had our tip money ready, and everything. Then a few minutes later he came in, we told him to just put it on the floor, since my mattress was blocking the way.

Let me tell you something. DO NOT GET ROOM SERVICE FOR BREAKFAST!!! It was horrible!!! On top of that they forgot half of the order, then again that was a good thing, because the food was truly awful. The eggs, what eggs??? They looked more like a cold puree of something yellow. Hash brown, dear lord, cold and burned (how is that possible???). I think the only 3 items that were good were the coffee, hot tea, and one croissant.

Well and the fruit was good as well.

Our neighbors were in the balcony talking and what not. The one thing is that they did talk very softly, I have to give them that. Here is their daughter, I genuinely feel sorry for her. Having to grow up with that amount of smoke will surely have an impact on her developing lungs, what a shame =(

We ate what little we enjoyed, and just put the rest to the side. I think I basically enjoyed my coffee and that’s it. Mom ate the croissant and some fruits. I wanted something from the buffet, but I was too lazy and sleepy to go get it.

I noticed that as we pulled in at a very low speed the ship was rocking substantially. Definitely the most that I have ever felt the Allure or Oasis rock, I guess it came from the wind hitting the ship from the other side.

What an amazing Shot! Here is to me shooting random pics, Cheers! LoL

I have been to Labadee 3 times, and this was the first time that I saw this kind of welcoming. They had all these jets skis, boats, and even a parasail going around and making noise. It was a lot of fun, but my wild guess is that they do this to increase the revenue with all the shore excursions that they offer. I actually wanted to try the new sail boat that they have, which by the way is gorgeous (I have pics later), but it was simply too expensive to justify it.

How cool is that?

And there you have him. I am almost sure this is the only pic I have of him.

Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot!

I guess at one point I realized that my camera sensor was dirty, and got one of the new cleaning sticks that I had just gotten for this cruise. Let me tell you, these things are amazing. I highly recommend them for those of you with mirrorless systems. No liquids necessary or anything, just two swipes and the sensor is like new!

After they tied the ship, and cleared it, we headed down to the gangway.

All the food for our stay there.

We were following one of the big trucks.

Close call with the truck in front of us.

I am really puzzled, and I don’t want to be insensitive. But I wonder if those sailboats are for pleasure or fishing. They seemed to be in some kind of race. I say that because they kept zig sagging like the regattas do.

Some rust showing.

Ain’t she a beaut?

Then we got to the area where you board the tram service to take you to the other beaches. The tram was there, but the tractor that pulls it was not there. We asked about it to the lady in the zip line, but I don’t think she was having the best day. She was dry and short, she just pointed to the tram and told us to wait. How long? She said she had no idea. This in itself would have never happened in Castaway Key, they always have them running. The issue is that I didn’t want mom walking too much, but with no clear timing of when they start running we had nothing to go on. Mom said, well, maybe they are on island time. Maybe so, but this is a private port, RCCL should at least have someone there informing people of the options and wait times for people with mobility issues.

I told her, that we should start walking there. She agreed since we wanted a good spot on the beach.

By the way, I hear that RCCl nearly doubled the prices of the cabanas. I cannot verify that as I had never booked one. But this is from a trusted source. I know they are around $500-$600.

The walk was around 10-15 minutes.

Our plan was to go to Adrenaline beach, the one that has the Zip line going over it. Mainly because I had no plan on walking to another beach, that is way too much walking for both of us. It was already hot and humid as hell. I was not very happy that mom had to walk that much there.

We decided to set up our umbrella all the way at the end, buy the new beds that they set up. One of the chair assistants offered us chairs much closer to the kids area. I told him that I wanted to be all the way at the end of adrenaline beach, I was surprised that he walked with us all the way there to set up the chairs. This time around we brought the exact amount to tip him, but I ended up giving him much more since he had to walk so far. Just some advice, bring exact change! Whenever you ask them for change, they say they don’t have any. I saw plenty of people giving them a big bill because they did not have any change. I think I said the same thing in our Allure review.

And this is our spot

How gorgeous is this beach?

The waves were quite strong on the other side of the wall.

It was pretty empty right then, but it got pretty crowded later on. I don’t remember that beach being so crowded my last time, which is exactly why I chose that one.

Maybe it’s the addition of all those beds…

Can you tell how cold the water was?

Notice the shoes? This beach is very rocky!

A little after 9am the zip line started running.

Chillaxing! I had my new sail boats shirt.

Here is our umbrella that we usually take to the private islands/peninsula

At one point we saw a guy waiving from the ocean, he was pretty far out. The lifeguards were all blowing the whistle back at him. It soon became evident that he was not able to make it back on his own, he was struggling to stay where he was. So they took their kayaks and went to get him.

I guess it was around noon or so when mom left to go get some food. I told her to get her food first and I would go afterwards and get mine.

The water was still quite cold, and I was not hot enough to go in it just yet. I guess you have to blame the hot Florida water for that, I am quite spoiled by it. And mom? Well, let’s just say she only goes in the ocean from mid June until early September.

I was just there enjoying a few drinks, and enjoying our island time =)

Just so you know the beach there is incredibly rocky, it was quite funny seeing people go in the water. I am pretty sure I reported this on the other review as well. My suggestion to you is to get water shoes. I was ok with it, but that is mainly because as kids we would go to our summer lake house and we would run barefoot for weeks at a time. I guess my soles have paid their price already, and thus it did not bother me much.