Recommended Cruise Items

Must Have Cruise Items.

This page is dedicated to the Recommended Cruise Items for your adventures. We already know that cruising is loads of fun, but it can all be more fun if we travel with all the appropriate cruise items. Here are a few of the cruise items that we always travel with.

A good place to start is the anti-nausea medication, after all this was the reason that I was hesitant about sailing for such a long time. I am very susceptible to motion sickness, and that is why I will do everything possible to avoid getting sick on my vacations. These are the cruise items that I usually travel with to avoid any complications.

Carnival Cruise Items.

Anti-Nausea Cruise Items

cruise items Sea-Band Adult Wristband, Color May Vary, 1-Pair, please don’t ask me how these work, because I really don’t know. But one thing is for sure, they do work. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to wear both of them for the product to work accordingly. Also make sure you keep them together, I can not tell how many we have lost, and we had to buy new ones. Overall this is a great product.

Cruise Items Bonine Motion Sickness Protection — 16 Tablets. Paired with the bracelets we carry Bonine, this are the only synthetic pills that do not make me drowsy. In addition to that they are very easy to digest since they are chewable, I usually take a few of them on rough seas even if I have the bracelets on. Like I said, I take no risks of getting sick while on vacation, the more careful I can be the better that my vacation will be.

Cruise Items Braid Sailor’s Secret Sea Sickness Ginger PillsAnd lastly the ginger pills, this natural pills are a great supplement to ensure that you will not get sick while at sea. For a long time people have been using ginger to help for feel better when nauseated. Many cruisers have reported that all they need are these pills to feel much better after a some time of being sick. We always carry a box of these when we cruise. I have used them on several occasion, and till this day with these 3 products I have never been sick.

Additional Cruise Items

31Gz4KpCCZL._SL110_ Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector I acquired this product for our last cruise and used a few times. As most of you know electricity on ships is a little hard to come by, and now more than ever we depend on our electronics. This little device is just great, and the best part of it

31wuzZsa1FL._SL110_ Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler this travel mug is just fantastic! Not only is it seal proof, but it maintains your liquids either hot or cold for a very long time. Every since I decided to do Stateroom Bar setups, this is travel mug is my best friend. For our next cruise I will be buying one for my mom, that way we each have our own. One those highly recommended cruise Items.

41XKjGgfloL._SL110_ Boca Beach Towel Clips Parrot my mom bought some of these for our second and so far favorite sailing, the Allure. They are great for holding your belongings on those very windy days. I have been asked over and over again about these, and now we can’t travel without them. This is one of those cruise items that are great to have.

cruise itemsHawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen this is one of the cruise items that you need to bring with you, there is just no question about it. This is by far my favorite brand, and kind of sunscreen.

Thank you for visiting my Recommended Cruise Items page 🙂