Southernmost Point Review Ch 8

After we parked we walked and reached Southernmost Point, it was really like a 1 minute walk after we parked.

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The Southernmost Point of the United States is marked by large concrete buoy. At this point the USA is 90 miles away from Cuba. People say that on clear nights you can see the the lights from Cuba, although honestly I doubt it. The buoy was created on 1983 and it is now one of the most famous land marks in Key west. Before this they had a sign a was stole very often and that is why they decided to place a heavy object to replace it.

An interesting fact that is that this is really not the furthest point in the USA, or even in Key West. The Southernmost Point of the US is really a private island that strictly prohibits the visits by tourist. And it is not even the Southernmost Point of Key West, the Southernmost Point is to the southwest in the Truman Annex that is operated by the US-Navy and no civilians are allowed in there, its about 900 feet from the current tourist marker.


When we were there we saw lines forming towards the end of our stay there. But you should count on making at least some king of line if you want to get a picture there. The only reason we did not have to do the line was because we were there very early.

Tourist Southernmost Point in US for tourists.

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There is honestly not much to do here, I guess if you’re a history buff there must some really interesting things here. But as you can imagine we went there took some pictures and that was about it. Kind of been there, done that kind of thing. Granted I have been here in the past, but my aunt wanted some pictures there. So that is why we stopped by and enjoy the scenery for a little while.

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For more information on the Southernmost Point Click Here.

There were some bikers there, really friendly folks. One of them got a family picture for me, without even asking. I love good natured people, it just makes life so much more enjoyable.


And here is the house next to the marker. Can you imagine the cost of this property . I would expect a much more expensive vehicle parked there 😉

Southernmost Point house.

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