Stingray City Review Ch 20

And we were almost on our way to Stingray City.

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They finished some last minute preparations and we took off.

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I had the best spot in the house, over the mesh. You could feel the cool air coming from below. The sun was really aggressive that day. I think I reapplied sunscreen about 4 times total in the 3 hour tour. Not to mention my fedora covering my face at all times.

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I was having a hard time socializing as most people kept to the their families. Again this another downside to SOLO in my opinion, but I am sure if it was a larger group I would had found someone to talk to.

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Far away I could see some boats already anchored in Stingray city


One thing that I really want you to note about the difference between my semiprivate tour and the tour already there. Look at the amount of people in the water.

There are simply not enough rays to enjoy it as much. While we had about 3 rays for each person, they have to share 1 ray between several people. Most of the large groups also anchor near the other groups, so they make one huge group. I have seen several reviews and I have noticed that on the large boats excursions the rays are scarce. Just wait until you see my pictures! They come at you from all angles, almost like you’re getting attacked by them. ITS AWESOME!!!!!


Our captains technique one the other hand is to anchor as far away as possible from everybody else and lure the rays in with food. It was simply put just amazing!

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Please do yourself a favor and book Stingray City privately, either with stingray sailing or something like moby dick (spelling?), those are the 2 I know off that get great reviews.

I am very grateful that I took a chance and did not book through Carnival. Although keep in mind that Carnival’s Stingray City tour is also highly rated and they are priced competitively as well. I just cannot simply imagine it being better than our tour, no way Jose!

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I just saw that boat the Cayman Explorer on another review, and the reviewer said that it was great for people with mobility issues because the ladder goes all the way to the floor.


Anyway, while our captain anchored in Stingray City and I took some pictures of the rays already gathering around our vessel.


You can really see the distance that we had from the other groups.

Stingray city untitled-92

Such gentle and neat animals, well up until you get barb sting and end un in the hospital , lol.

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The jet ski tour anchored near us in Stingray City, but still kept their distance. The jet ski tour lasted there much less time than we did, maybe it had other stops. I think I would enjoy that kind of tour, but they tend to be on the expensive side.



Here is a short video of Stingray City, and our captain speaking.

I was the second or third person in the water in Stingray City, OMG the temperature was just lovely. This is one shore excursion that I know my mom would had loved. She tends to hate cold water, I just know that she would been in the water with me. There were a few scary cats in our voyage and you could hear them yelling and screaming the entire time. But most of us had an absolute blast, only one person did not make it in the water. You could tell that he had a natural phobia of rays, because later on he did go in when we anchored by the reef. I don’t blame him, if it was a shark experience I would have been in a similar situation. Although I will come out and say it, I am looking into a shore excursion that involved dealing with nurse sharks. I figure thats the best way of outgrowing my fear to them.

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They were everywhere!!!!


You tell me how absolutely amazing is this?!?!?!


Stingray City Rocks!

Stingray City

Again click here for my tour of Stingray City.


They really want their food, they actually kind of climb up your body.

Stingray City

This is just such an amazing experience, as much as I am trying to put into words I think I am failing to do so. This is one experience that I never forget.

untitled-113 Stingray City    untitled-118

They are very gentle, but at the same time the large ones are extremely strong. They can really put pressure on your body. The baby ones tend to stay on the ground, and those are ones I was scared of stepping on.

Some of these pictures are blurry, I was not even trying to focus. But they give you the idea of the energy that day, so I am still posting them.


Our Catamaran docked in Stingray City

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Just look at this picture! I mean come on really!!!!!


How can I help you? lol 


Another boat load of people arriving to Stingray City and anchoring away from us.

untitled-128 untitled-129



She was really hurt, the captain believe that some people are trying to fish them out, which is highly illegal.

Stingray City untitled-141

Stingray City shore Excursion review

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Well hello there, and how are you doing buddy?


When feeding them you have to be careful with the seagulls, them come and snap fish right out of your  untitled-152 untitled-153

untitled-153  untitled-155 untitled-156 untitled-157 untitled-158 untitled-159 untitled-160 untitled-161 untitled-162 untitled-163

That is kind of neat thought, looks like it might be air conditioned. A good option for Stingray City?


Our guide for Stingray City showed us the stinger, he said that they are very tame and they don’t tend to use it. I asked him what happened if people stepped on them, and he said then just keep on swimming. They are aware that we are not there to harm them.

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They called us back on board after all the ray food was finished. I think we stayed there about 45 minutes in Stingray City. I was the last the last person out of the water, I really enjoyed just being there in the warm waters.


You can also get private tours to Stingray City, well if you have the cash for it.



Hope you enjoyed my Stingray City review,

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