Why I love Carnival Cruise Line!

Each cruise line has their own particular personality and trademarks. And not all cruise lines are right for everyone. However, I have found a way to enjoy each and every cruise line that I have sailed on. Here are the main reasons why I absolutely loved Carnival Cruise line.

Guy’s Burgers

I am a burger lover, unfortunately I do not indulge in them as often as I would like. You know watching my figure and all. That aside, Carnival has the best burgers that I have ever had on a ship! Actually Carnival Guy’s Burgers are in my top 3 burgers ever! I am not entirely sure what it is about them, but all I can say is that they melt-in-your-mouth. I only wish that all their ships had the 2.0 upgrades and thus have Guy’s Burgers. Best part of it all, they are free.


Large Cabins

I found the cabins on Carnival to be larger than the average cabin on other lines. While the decor was rather plain, the size more than made up for it. This is a real asset, especially when traveling with large families, or for those who enjoy relaxing in the room with the balcony door open (like me).


Activities & Shows

Carnival really outdoes themselves in their activity department. It is impossible to find a slot in time in which there is nothing going on. Not only that, but is a wide variety of activities to keep everyone happy and spread throughout the ship. I also loved the shows, they offered music from several eras to entertain everyone. But the great part is that I could relate to all the music. But the very best part is the positive energy felt in all the shows!


George Lopez Punchliner Comedy Show

The comedy show aboard Carnival is by far the most daring and entertaining that I have seen on a ship. It was just great, the comedy is pushed to a limit that no other cruise line would attempt to touch. I loved it! Keep in mind that they also have the family friendly version.



The service in Carnival is top notch, the crew is constantly working to make your vacation the most memorable one. They are also very easy going and they try their best to meet all your demands. I can only compare the service in Carnival to the one I experienced in Disney Cruise line. That says a lot!


Carnival cruise line offers a product at a great price. For families looking to travel on a budget, Carnival offers a great deal. Everything that they need to have a great time is already included.


RedFrog Pub

This venue offers a great atmosphere, with fake palm trees, and live music. They also have their own beer branded ThirstyFrog Red, which by the way is great. This is a great place to enjoy a few delicious bites with friends and family.



With great water slides, and a water playground for the young ones, this is a great place to keep folks of all ages entertained while at sea.


Blue Iguana

I absolutely loved the semi make your own taco venue. I think I ate there every day of the cruise. With endless combinations, this is the place for taco lovers! They even offer breakfast burritos.

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The Energy!!!

I have to admit that up until I sailed Carnival Cruise Line, I have not experienced that kind of energy in any ship. Sure, all ships give off different kinds of energies, but Carnival offers something unique. People aboard Carnival ships are just there to have fun! And that in itself is a reason to at the very least try out Carnival. I for one can’t wait to get back on-board a Carnival ship!