Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 21

Odd picture of the Celebrity Silhouette, but I love it.
Celebrity Silhouette on labadee Celebrity Silhouette in Labadee

There are Labadee signs everywhere in Labadee :D.


Celebrity Silhouette docked in Labadee under some bad weather…

Celebrity Silhouette in Labadee DSC04619 DSC04620 DSC04621 DSC04622

Now let me stop and tell you the plans that we had for today. Originally we wanted to go Columbus beach and try the other side of the Island. If you are curious about Adrenaline beach feel free to look at the Allure review. The other thing that I had planned on doing was to go and walk that path at the end on the peninsula.

Since the weather was cool we decided to the little path now and take advantage of that. As you enter into Labadee the entrance to that path is to your left.

This is what it looks like.


The path is a little twisty and some hills, last time we were here it was so hot outside that I looked and said “NO WAY!!!”

Anyway this is what you will see around that path. The pictures are in order, but sometimes I take pictures looking backwards.

DSC04625 DSC04628 DSC04631 Celebrity Silhouette docked in Labadee DSC04638 DSC04646 DSC04647 DSC04649 DSC04654 DSC04661

DSC04668 DSC04671 DSC04672 DSC04675 DSC04676 DSC04673

Then you have the choice to either get off the path or continue into the one that goes all the way to the end. We kept on going.

DSC04678 DSC04679 DSC04690 DSC04692

Random thought, I actually wanted to try out the water slide that day.

Then we kept on walking towards the end, there is really nothing much to see there other than some nice views of the area.

DSC04697 DSC04698 DSC04700 DSC04703 DSC04710 DSC04714 DSC04718 DSC04721

Back down they had a local band playing

DSC04729 DSC04730

After that we decided to go take a tram to go to Columbus cove.

That is the place you have to sign up for you zip line tour.

DSC04737 DSC04738 DSC04741 DSC04746

The road was so beat up, and that tram kept bouncing up and down, pretty rough ride. I cannot recall it being like this before.


Then the driver stopped and told everyone to get off, I asked him if he was going to go to Columbus, and he said no. Last time they did, my guess is that the roads through there are even worse than the flat one. I had no plans in walking through the market, I hate high pressure situations and walking through there was not in my plans. We simply decided to head back to the Celebrity Silhouette, the weather was not enticing us to stay there anyway.

DSC04755 DSC04757 DSC04761 DSC04764

Some people heading to the zipline, the seat belts look like the ones used on race cars.

DSC04771 DSC04773

Celebrity Silhouette in the distance

DSC04780 DSC04786 DSC04787 DSC04788

Both times I have been there was a Haitian band playing outside, I gave them a few dollars and move on.

DSC04792 DSC04794 DSC04798

Ship maintenance at all times. =)



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