Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 24

Day 7

The last day on the Celebrity Silhouette had a special tone for us, sort of like we know that the cruise will soon be over, and we have to make the most out that last day. I have also noticed that I started a new tradition for us, I like leaving the restaurant that I think will be the best for last. For our Celebrity Silhouette cruise that had to be Murano, french food has always had a sweet spot in my book, and I had high hopes for this restaurant.

That morning we were woken up by our neighbors, they were in full swing, my guess is that they had a lot of packing to do so the kids were running in the hallway doing tricks and whatnot. I have to admit that on this day they actually wore out my patience, and I found myself really frustrated that morning. Eventually I made them aware of my frustration, and they settled down a little, I think they send the kids upstairs or something. I really hope that this the worst I will ever experience in a cruise, they were just very inconsiderate people during the entire cruise. I thought of making calls, but I really don’t think that would off fixed anything…

After they had lowered their volume I decided to check the weather, the word was that day was actually going to be a nice one, and there were a lot of eager people waiting to get a tan in that cruise.

DSC05222 DSC05229

It was dead on, the weather just looked great, the way it should of been during the entire week. I guess at least we were fortunate enough to get that last day with a little bit of sun.

We decide to relax a little and enjoy so quiet time, my mom grabbed my computer and took advantage that the internet was running at a high speed. She wanted to send a few pictures to the family back home. I turned on the TV and took advantage that all the channels were available. We had plans to go the brunch buffet that morning.

We then got ready headed down to the captains Q&A. This was very informative, and I actually learned much more than I have learned on past Q&As.

DSC05237 DSC05239

There was a fairly good crowd there, if you wanted to ask questions you had to be on the lower level. The captain did ask us people seating upstairs to come and join him on the lower level.

So what did he talk about, well I took a few notes, but not all. For one thing I remember him making fun of the Carnival toilets not working and asked us if our toilets were working. He was also asked about the Triumph and what his though was on it. His answer was that a lot of things have to go wrong for a ship to be left adrift like that. I failed to take detailed notes about this, but I believe he said that the S ships have 4 engines and two generators for the hotel (please don’t quote me on that). Anyway, he started saying how even if 3 engines were dead he could still cruise at 4 knots per hour to get to the port. And even if all 4 engines fail, the hotel will be running like normal on the generators. So for such failure to happen in a S ship, well things have to go really really wrong.

At one point someone asked the Costa Concordia accident and his tone of voice change incredibly. He became very sad and the started by saying that as a captain you never take joy out of other cruise accidents. I would imagine so, it is a tight industry, and there should be some respect in there. He spoke so nice words and changed the topic quickly, it was not something that he was particularly found of talking about, and I can understand why.

He also made a very strong case that as a captain you always have to be proactive to avoid any problems from developing on the first place.

That is also when we learned that he is a captain that really hates missing ports and that is why he pushed to get us into Spots bay, I am very grateful he did. As I stated before two other ships did not call port that, they decided to move on.

Someone asked how long it takes to stop the ship and he said that a “crash stop” for that vessel takes 3 minutes or .9 nautical miles. But then he went on and said that this is something that has to be avoided at all cost since it is very harmful for equipment and there is extreme vibration throughout the ship.

He spoke a lot about how he became a captain and the steps involved in that process. His folks wanted him to become an architect, but he had other plans. I also believe he became a captain when he was very young.

Oh I forgot S ships can travel at 15 knots in reverse.

Overal he seemed like a fine captain, very determined and professional. His crew is extremely important to him, he took the last 15 minutes going over his crew and all they do to keep the running, he is very proud of them all. They try to celebrate all of the holidays for the crew and support all nationalities and their traditions.

Two thumbs up for the captain, I think this is the captain that I have seen the most out of my 3 cruises .

Mom and I left before the ending, actually I could not believe that I stayed there so long. I tend to get bored easily in events like this and staying there so long means that it had a good entertainment factor to keep in there.

By the time we left I was starving and so was mom, we could not wait to see the brunch buffet in the MDR. This is something that I had read from many review and I even had my iphone set to remind me that day, definitely something that I did not want to miss.

The way it works is that they setup the lower level of the MDR with all the food and then you find a table to go eat. Since the lower level fills out quickly we went to the second floor to eat and were fortunate enough to get a table by the window =)

I will let the pictures do the talking now.

Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch

DSC05247 DSC05248 Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch DSC05252 DSC05253 DSC05254 DSC05256 DSC05257 DSC05259 DSC05260 Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch DSC05265 DSC05266

Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch

DSC05263 DSC05267

Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch, white chocolate fountain

DSC05270 DSC05272 DSC05273 DSC05276 DSC05274 DSC05282 DSC05280

This is actually the only panorama I did for this report. It is composed of 6 vertical pictures it came out really nice 



Celebrity Silhouette last Sea Day Brunch main dinning room

DSC05285 DSC05286 DSC05313

By the way,those lollipops are cheesecakes, I thought they were marshmallows. So yeah that was unexpected and I am not crazy about cheesecake.

Overall the food was great, everything was very tasty and plenty to go around. This a not to be missed event in X.

After brunch we went up to the solarium to relax for a little.

these are on the way there.

DSC05314 DSC05315 DSC05318 Celebrity Silhouette Lido deck - pools DSC05336 DSC05330 DSC05323 DSC05320 DSC05321

By the way,the solarium has these huge windows and they are very easy to open. Although most people like them closed at all times. They are great for taking pictures!


Mom spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi that day and I spend a lot of it just listening to music and relaxing.


At some point mom spotted a ship crossing us, and I managed to get this really cool picture. It has Cuba in the background.


Oppa gangnam style! 

So as I was sitting there relaxing I heard some very loud music out by the pool area, so I grabbed my camera and made a dash towards outside.

And what did I see? Well I got there more towards the end of a flash mob, it was extremely energetic and a lot of fun. It was a shame I got there the end, but I still managed to get both pictures and video. It was a good thing that I had my zoom lens already attached.

You know the funny thing is that I love this song, even thought it is worn out. My bf (is Korean) says he is one of the very worst possible ways to represent Korean music. Eh what can you, I still love the song  and no I can’t dance for nothing 

DSC05351 DSC05354 DSC05356

And here is very short video that I managed to grab.

Oppa gangnam style =)


Sometime passed and they had the officers vs guests volleyball game. First there was a game with just the officers playing each other and then the winner got to play with the guests.

The game was super energetic and everyone was out and about!

DSC05366 DSC05372 DSC05374

He was recording the entire event


And the dj was also helping with some tunes.

Lisa was the referee and the captain was there supporting the event. He was very proud that we had sun that day, he kept making jokes about. We all had a good laugh!



Then when one of the teams lost it was turn for the guests to jump in the pool and they did it in style…
Yes you’re seeing right and not I did not edit this pictures :-). Like I said it was a fun fun day!

DSC05386 DSC05387

At some point they splashed the camera guy and they got the camera wet. He looked a little frustrated trying to dry it fast.

DSC05388 DSC05389 DSC05390 DSC05391

I left to relax a little longer on the solarium and at some point took this picture. This picture was taken looking at the opposite side from Cuba, it came out really neat. Love how the blues change so dramatically.




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