Best things to do in Grand Cayman

to do in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a very popular and attractive port for Western Caribbean cruises, and the is so much to do in Grand Cayman that this port should make everyone happy. So much so, that is common to see 7 ships some days calling that port. With so many ships on port on some days it is crucial that you make plans of what to do in Grand Cayman to get the most out of it. The island itself is gorgeous, and very well kept. Most islanders are extremely friendly and polite, we never encountered any problems there, and they are always willing to give you information on what to do in Grand Cayman. You can really see the that there is a large amount of money being injected into the economy of the island, I guess all those years of banking have been profitable for many Wink.

This is one of those ports that really offers something for almost everyone. There is fantastic shopping in downtown, paired up with all your common mainstream Caribbean restaurants, and some very good local ones. The really cool thing is that you can snorkel off downtown, and there are a few inlets there with access to a few shipwrecks after a quick swim. For those not willing to swim, you can take a short boat ride if you prefer. But there is much more to do in Grand Cayman if you want options.

A few shore excursions to do in Grand Cayman:

If you choose to do Grand Cayman Island on your own there is just so much enjoy, and much more affordable. Transportation is easily done using their local bus system, costing on average $2.50 to each destination per person. If you decide to do Grand Cayman that way, there is just so much to do in Grand Cayman. From “Hell Town” where you are able to buy all kind of hell related gifts, and even send a postcard from there. Although the location itself is on the small side, with little to do, I recommend it as a quick stop.  Then there is the turtle farm, and although I don’t support the ultimate purpose of the farm. It is none the less a fun place to visit with your family. Across the street is the Dolphin encounter, with high ratings from many who visit this venue on a daily basis. Then there is Stingray city, I would dare to say that this is possibly the islands most popular attraction. Unfortunately for us, the Grand Cayman weather did not cooperate on our stop there and our shore excursion to stingray city was cancelled.


For those looking for a more relaxing day there is 7 mile, where you’re sure to find a spot of paradise all for yourself. With pristine blue ocean water, and soft sand this could be just your perfect beach day to share your love ones. Another possible option is the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park, where a stroll by the park can give you a very relaxing experience in this paradise.

There are also a few museums to visit for those who like a little history in their vacation experience. Among them there are the Pedro St. James national History museum, which is a Historic site with plenty to see in a stunning setting. For those of you who are car lovers there is the Cayman Motor Museum on west Bay. The museum has car exhibits from the 1930’s to the 1980’s, this museum offers something very different than what you find yourself doing on an island getaway, this is part of the variety that makes this port so special. The cayman Island National Museum, is a view of the human and natural side of the island. For art lovers your place to visit is the National Galleries of the Cayman Islands.

Then of course there is diving and snorkeling, there are tons of shore excursions dedicated to this, and a little research can yield exactly what you’re looking for. Also for those active folks the island also offers all the usual water sports, and activities that we have all come to do in Grand Cayman

More than enough for everyone find something to do in Grand Cayman.

Overall Grand Cayman is a quality port, with tons of activities for all. I just wish that the weather on out cruise had been better. I would like to say that this port, along side to Cozumel are my favorite ports of the western Caribbean cruises that I have taken up to date. The only true downside to this port is that it is a tender required port, as there are no docks in Grand Cayman. So in order to make sure that you’re among the first people to get off the cruise, there are two options. You can either buy a cruise sponsored shore excursion, or you can get up early to among the first people in line to get the first tender tickets(this is usually what I do). Another reported issue with this port is that if the weather is not cooperating, some cruises will choose to not call port and keep on moving.

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