Best Sail Away Spots!

Sail away is one of the most exciting experiences out of any cruise. It is the moment when your vacation has officially started, and you are on your way to create some joyful family memories. Where you decide to experience the sail away depends on your personal tastes. Do you want to be where the party is at? Do you want to enjoy the views with a few others? Do you want to be on your own private balcony? No matter what your desire is, you only have one thing to worry about and that is to have a blast!


Sail Away Party

Most cruise lines offer a sail away party. These parties are different from cruise line to cruise line, and they offer a range of activities. Some will do countdowns, others have dancing contests, and some have great shows (Disney)! Sail away parties are great for those who enjoy social activities and large events.

Restaurant or a Bar

Some choose to go to a bar or restaurant to socialize. There is nothing wrong with that. Just try to make sure that you have access to a window or a glass panel that way you don’t miss out of the views.

By the Pool or Jacuzzi

This is something that I noticed on my latest MSC Divina cruise. You can really have a great enjoyable time while relaxing in a jacuzzi. You still get to enjoy the views of the scenery and some crowds without it being overwhelming. There is also a limited amount of people on some adult areas at this time. It is definitely a place to check out if you’re a water lover.


This area seems to be one of the most peaceful parts of the ship for sail away. There will be few people in-between and most of them are there enjoying a book, or taking a few pictures. This is also a great place to wave to the bystanders below watching the ship sail out. This is one of my personal favorite places, I think I have been there for several of my cruises. It is great for picture aficionados like myself.

AFT of the Ship

The aft of the ship offers a great perspective for sail away. It also tends to be great for sunset pictures here in east south Florida. Some of my best sunset work has been taken from the aft of the ship while sailing away from Miami. Do some research and you will find that most ships offer a semi private area in the aft of the ship to enjoy a nice quiet sail away.

Your private balcony

This one is hard to beat! You can be in your own private oasis, with food and drinks to suffice. Not only that, but you can have your favorite music playing in the background and just enjoying your time with the ones you love. I think sail away is one of the reasons I tend to only book balcony cabins. They offer privacy in the mist of a busy vessel.

Von Voyage folks!