Best Sail Away Spots!

Sail away is one of the most exciting experiences out of any cruise. It is the moment when your vacation has officially started, and you are on your way to create some joyful family memories. Where you decide to experience the sail away depends on your personal tastes. Do you want to be where the […]

Best Remedies For Seasickness

Before I started cruising I had many excuses not go on one, but my strongest argument was that I get nauseous easily. That reasoning stand, I do get nauseous easy, while riding on cars, planes, roller coasters etc. However, I have yet to get sick on a cruise ship. That is quite surprising, especially when […]

Is Trip Insurance Worth It?

I have traveled extensively both on land and cruising. I have mostly traveled without trip insurance, and to be quite honest with you I never gave it much thought. That is until now. On my most recent cruise, we found ourselves in a bad situation when my mom slipped on the pool deck and landed […]

Ripple Cruise Communicator Review

 Update 1/14/2015 I can no longer recommend Ripple. As more complains come in from several cruise lines, it seems like most cruise lines are implementing blocking methods. If you still feel the need to try it out for your upcoming cruise, try looking for reviews for that specific cruise line.  Update 9/16/2014 As of today […]

Going on a Cruise Alone

Cruising alone is not for everyone. You have to know how to have fun by yourself or socialize quite well with others. To be honest with you I was not very comfortable with the idea of cruising alone; I tend to be introverted and find it hard to socialize in large groups. I will say that […]

First Time Cruise Tips

Are you planning your first a cruise, Here are some first time cruise tips to get you started, and going in the right direction. By now you have probably done all the research on cruise lines, and have booked the cruise that you think fits you best. But now you’re trying to figure out the minor details […]

Cruising on a Budget Tips

Cruising on a budget is something that many of us attempt to accomplish every time we board a cruise ship. Cruises are already a very reasonable way to travel, since they include transportation, food and accommodations while taking you to exotic destinations. But if you do not keep track of your on-board account, expenses can […]

What is the Best Cruise Line?

Are you asking yourself, What is the Best Cruise Line? After having tried most of the mainstream cruise lines I think I can shine in this controversial topic. To be quite honest I can say that there is no such thing as a perfect cruise line. It is now that I realize that each cruise line […]